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The life of a youth worker

Ryan is one of our youth workers, I wanted to take the chance to question him about his job during my time on work experience.

Finally caught Ryan for questioning!

Ryan, do you find being a youth worker easy?

In some ways Yes. Its such a rewarding job that turning up to work is easy plus it’s the only job iv ever had that I have actually wanted to get out of bed for, and working with young people is incredibly rewarding. However, actually being a youth worker isn’t an easy job. It comes with a lot of responsibility.

Why did you have an interest in this role?

I didn’t mean to get this job as a youth worker, I used to work doing music and other odd jobs. I saw that the mix was advertising a job kitting out and running the recording studio and I offered to help and it all started there, working with young people in the studio. 4 years later my job is now 100% youth work and I love it.

What motivates you to do your best?

What we believe in at the mix is that every young person has unbelievable potential and I thoroughly believe that working with young people and supporting them is a very important role in our jobs. Helping people to believe in themselves and reach their potential is a huge motivation for me to work hard and go the extra mile.

What’s the best part in being a youth worker?

The successes. Knowing that people have learnt something new about themselves or something new physically, like a skill. knowing that a shy person has been able to get the courage to come out of there house and come to the mix for the first time and meeting new people to finally come out of their shell and has fun. They can be small things, they don’t have to be massive life changes, but watching young people achieve and be proud of themselves is the best part of youth work.

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