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Jamie Warner with the Cabbages & Kings team

In celebration of the launch of The Mix's “Together” project, new partner Touchline presented the Cabbages & Kings team with their new customised work wear tees.

As a charity dedicated to supporting young people, the Together project is aimed at forging links with businesses to support, encourage and unlock the untapped potential of our local young people. 

Whilst the Mix is achieving real credible results from the services we offer to young people through drop-in sessions, work within local high schools, leadership courses, counselling and coaching, the natural step was to build a project that linked the community together.  We and Touchline firmly believe that if businesses were able to support the work of The Mix and to get involved in some way through fundraising, offering their services, work experience, mentoring, internships, volunteering or donations, it would send a positive message to local young people to say that they too believe in their future. It is highly likely that the local young people will be the next generation of potential employees, so there is a vested interest for all those involved.

The Mix have been working successfully with PPG Industries for a number of years and we were delighted this year to have been appointed as their community project which will involve a much needed interior redecorating scheme and garden revamp at our HQ in Stowmarket.  We are excited to say this is already underway!

Touchline approached The Mix to get involved after a member of their staff had started volunteering at The Mix. They have now signed up to the Together project, donating an annual amount to go towards staff and volunteer uniform costs and an offer of work experience opportunities.

“100% of the profits from our award winning café Cabbages & Kings go back into the charity and to date we have not been able to justify the expense of uniform but with the expansion plans for our catering food truck and outside catering service it was evident that our branding was becoming more important. We are very grateful to Jamie and his team for their donation and we look forward to working with them and building upon this partnership further”.

- Dave Pepper, The Mix Commercial Director

“The services that The Mix offer to our local young people is invaluable and as a business that have employed young people through work experience and apprenticeships we appreciate first-hand the importance of encouraging self-belief and helping them to see their true worth and potential. We are proud to have become a partner with the Together project and actively encourage other local businesses to get involved with such a rewarding cause.  I can highly recommend the café and they have already catered a working lunch buffet for me which was excellent”

- Jamie Warner, Managing Director of Touchline

Any local businesses that may be interested in finding out more about The Mix and the Together project should contact rae.warner@themixstowmarket.co.uk.

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