Alfie's Story

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"I'm Alfie and a few years ago I was a little s***. I used to have arguments with teachers, mess around in class, and was easily distracted. I had a bad attitude.

"I used to be a little s*** in years 7, 8, and 9, and school said I had to go to Thrive.

"I thought it would be a doss day. I was quite scared, I knew one boy who went to Thrive, and I got along with him quite well, and then it just went from there. It got better and better and better.

"We do maths and English in the morning, and after we've done that we go and do a bit of activity.

"Sometimes we go over to The Greenlight Trust, sometimes we play a bit of basketball, and sometimes go to Red Gables. A bit of everything.

"We sometimes make bird boxes and bird cameras and feed the birds.

"Looking back to the Alfie I was before, I regret being so disrespectful and messing around. It means I have A LOT to catch up on.

"They believe in me. I have time to chat with mentors, which helps me offload and gives me a chance to talk about what I want to do next.

"My school work has improved, I'm happier and I'm working at the weekends and during holidays, saving money working towards more of my goals.

"The Alfie I am today is working towards a successful future. I've been accepted into college to do construction skills.

"I'm very proud of the progress I have made and I will succeed.


(Text taken from the video)

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Written by Alfie