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‘For Youth Work to be effective it must be relevant. For it to be relevant it has to travel hand in hand with creativity & innovation.’                                                                           Annonymous


At The Mix we value creativity and innovation, not just in our Youth Work, but also with our future.


Our vision is huge and so is the level of resource needed to achieve it. As a result, we cannot leave our resources purely in the hands of luck, moral sacrifice, political agenda, philanthropic cause or the moveable value people hold for Young People. Instead we must place our resources, and with them our vision, in the hands of creativity, innovation and design.


We are proud to be providing commercial services that ‘Look Good, Taste Good and Feel Good’ for our customers, and that ‘Do Good’ for Young People. Our commercial ventures not only provide work experience, traineeships and employment for Young People, but 100% of the profit goes to making our vision a reality.


At this moment in time 60% of our core services are funded by our own commercial activity and 40% are funded by Independent trusts, charities, individuals and the local authority. Whilst we are so grateful, as we would not be here without them… We are also nervous, that we would not be here without them!


Over the next 5 years, our aim is that our core services will be fully sustained by our own commercial activities. This in turn will allow us to partner with Independent trusts, individuals and the local authority, purely to innovate new work. expand into new areas and increase the number of young people, families and communities we are supporting.


Perhaps the most exciting outcome of our commitment to sustainability, is that when we partner with trusts, charities, organisations and individuals, their financial investments are ‘pump priming’ for a shared vision, not ‘life saving’ for our organisation. 

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