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Centre for Research

“ There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind ”

F. Scott Fitzgerald









Many of life's greatest discoveries, inventions and achievements have come by accident. The X-ray, The pacemaker, penicillin and velcro to name a few. But… whilst they may have been discovered by accident, they have rarely come to people who weren't looking, thinking or acting. 


At The mix we believe that if we want to be effective then we need to look and think as well as act. We believe we need to work hard to understand context. The context of a thought, a feeling, a choice, an individual, a community and society at large. When we understand our context we can contextualise our work.


If we want to deliver and equip relevant and effective services and support for Young People. We need to know what is really going on, what is really needed and what is really wanted. 


We need to not be scared by the unknown, by complexity or by failure. Instead we need to be brave and say ‘We don't know the answer to that question. We don't know the solution to that challenge, we don't know what will work… but we are going to find out’.


We need to create a culture of critical analysis and be prepared to do the hard work of understanding. Because when you struggle to understand something you understand it much more deeply.


Our Centre for Research exists to make sure Youth Work, works. To ensure that we (to the best of our ability) know what is needed and when. To ensure that we stop, start, change and move, when and where we need to.

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